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CMD garners support at Ophthalmology children’s day celebration;

 CMD garners support at Ophthalmology children’s day celebration;

Monday 27th May, 2024, coincided with the clinic day for Paediatric Opthalmology, hence the celebration of children by the department. Interestingly the clinic witnessed a good turnout of parents and care givers who came to the clinic with their children and wards. This presented a good opportunity for the Chief Medical Director of UPTH, Prof, Henry Ugboma, who was present with other members of management to encourage parents to support Paediatric Opthalmology, a specialty for children eye care in the hospital. On his part, he affirmed his continuos support for paediatric opthalmology while
he extolled the giant strides achieved by the team in training and medical interventions in clinical care.

In his speech, he called for support from well meaning parents and individuals.
His charge to parents “for the mothers who are here, we encourage you to support what the doctors are doing. This is a public place and the Government cannot sponsor everything we do. Some of you have the wherewithal, so in form of contribution, anything you can do,or what your friends can do to encourage what we are doing
you can always discuss with the team”

He further expressed appreciation to parents who turned up for the event with their children and thanked them for putting their trust in the UPTH team in caring for their children’s eyes.

He raised concerns as to the rising cases of paediatric cataract, but gave the assurance that the team in opthalmology is adequately equipped to attend to the care the eyes.

“The teaching hospital (UPTH), I can tell you is the first in this country to run this specialist program , they have driven this to the extent where it has turned into a training center for not just Nigeria but the entire West Africa and it is also not just for the benefit of our hospital but for our children and the family’.

The CMD impressed with the department for celebrating children assured the team of management’s continuous support to ensure the rendering of adequate medical services.

The children who were thrilled to different fun activities had present the lead consultant paediatric opthalmology, Prof Adebayo Adio and her team -(Doctors, optometrist, Nurses etc.) who in her speech spoke on their achievement so far in attracting partnership, and delivering services for children’s health.

The Doctors with specialties in paediatric care took turns to educate the children and parents on different disease conditions of the eyes and and it’s care.

Professor Adebayo Adio and her team were highly appreciated by the chief medical director for pioneering international partnership for paediatric ophthalmology and making UPTH a focal center for training on orthoptics , retinopathy and pioneering the campaign against childhood blindness through early screening and timely medical intervention

Speaking to parents and caregivers at the event, a consultant opthalmologist, Dr Jumbo Helen gave a talk on “Lazy Eyes” -Amblyopia a developmental condition in which the nerve in the brain do not connect properly to the brain.
She said the most common or partial effect of this condition is blindness and stressing on some possible treatment plan, Dr Jumbo said, Glasses, Correct lens, Surgery and early diagnosis is important and encouraged Parents to take good care of their children’s eyes and act promptly at any strange development.

Also speaking at the event was ADN. Eleto, who spoke on the
proper use Of Eye drop. Parents and care givers were advised to
ensure they wash their hands properly before the use of an eye drop, and cautioned against the use of tissue or handkerchief to wipe the eyes after the use of eye drop but rather use cotton wool which is proven better.

Dr Chikezie spoke on the Use Of Glasses In Children and said
“the eye works like a camera and needs to focus on objects well to see clearly, when this is not the case, the child may need glasses irrespective of the age. According to Dr Chikezie Wearing of glasses can be important for the normal development of their vision, adding that it is never to early to wear glasses.
He gave some of the reasons for glasses as Improving Vision, Strengthening vision in a weak or amblyopic eye, Improving the position of their eyes( Crossed eyes or misaligned eyes), Providing Protection if they have poor vision in one eye etc.

Explaining further, he said signs that a Child may need glasses includes Squinting,Tilting head or covering one eye,
Sitting close to the television or holding hand held devices close to the eye, Rubbing eyes excessively etc

On his part, he encouraged Parents on what to do if they observe any concern with their children’s vision, to bring the child to the hospital or eye clinic for proper examination.

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