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Ophthalmology is one of the Clinical Departments of the College of Health Sciences. Founded in 1984 in the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, it remained under the Department of Surgery until 2018 when it was granted departmental status in the University of Port Harcourt. The department was set up with the aim of training resident doctors as well as equipping the medical graduates turned out by the University of Port Harcourt with all the Ophthalmological knowledge and skills they need to take on the challenges of contemporary medical practice both here in Nigeria and abroad.

The department has 9 academic staff including an associate professor, 7 senior lecturers and one lecturer 1. In their quest for academic excellence, some of them also have post fellowship certificates in different fields of Ophthalmology and all these are in addition to their clinical duties and responsibility to the medical students.

The aim of our Training Programme is to produce Medical doctors and Ophthalmologists who are well equipped theoretically and practically to adequately manage most Ophthalmological problems that they may encounter. 

The Department of Ophthalmology is one of the highly active clinical departments in the hospital and has seasoned/ experienced staff. It has subspecialists in Paediatric Ophthalmology, Glaucoma, Neuroophthalmology, Medical Retina, and Oculoplasty.  The department is fully accredited by both the National Post Graduate College and the West African College of Surgeons for the training of Medical doctors and Ophthalmologists.

The Department of Ophthalmology is the first port of call for most patients with ophthalmic conditions and gives comprehensive, continuous and coordinated care to patients irrespective of age, sex and disease entity. The doctors, nurses and ward maids all work in synergy to ensure the smooth running of the department and to achieve maximum patient satisfaction. The department also runs sub-specialized ophthalmology clinics in addition to general ophthalmology clinics and has an average turn over of 100 -150 patients daily.

List of Consultants in the Department

1.     Dr. E. A. Awoyesuku MBBS (UPH) (1995) FWACS (2007), FLVP Glaucoma (2012-India) Senior Lecturer/ HOD Glaucoma Head of Department
2. Dr C. N. Pedro-Egbe MBBS (UPH- 1989), FMCOph (2003), Cert. Neuro (2015 – USA)   Associate Professor Neuro-Ophthalmology      Consultant
3. Dr. A. O. Adio MBBS (Ilorin -1990) FWACS (2000) FMCOph (2000) FLVP Paediatric Ophthalmology (2014 – India)     Senior Lecturer   Paediatric Ophthalmology   Consultant
4. Dr I. O. Chukwuka MBBS (Lagos -1982) FMCOph (1992)     Senior Lecturer   Community Ophthalmology   Consultant
5 Dr B. Fiebai MBBS (Calabar -1995) FMCOph (2007) FLVP Medical Retina (2013 – India)   Senior Lecturer   Retina     Consultant
6 Dr C. S. Ejimadu MBBS (UPH -1998) FMCOph (2008) FLVP Oculoplasty (2013-  India)     Senior Lecturer   Oculoplasty   Consultant  
7 Dr A. A. Onua MD (RUSSIA -1995) FMCOph (2011) MPH (2015)     Senior Lecturer   Anterior Segment / Community Ophthalmology     Consultant  
8 Dr. G. I. Nathaniel MBBS (UPH -1999) FWACS (2012) FMCOph (2013) Glaucoma Fellow -in- Training (Eye Foundation Hospital, Nigeria 2018-2019)     Senior Lecturer   Glaucoma   Consultant
9 Dr. S. A. H. Cookey MBBS (UNN -1983) FWACS (2002)   Lecturer 1   Anterior Segment   Consultant  

For more details on the scope of work see UPTH Service Charter.
For Protocol of service; see UPTH Service Charter.

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