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Medical Social Services

The Medical Social Worker plays a vital role in the provision of comprehensive health care because of their pivotal functions and holistic perspective on the range of physical, emotional, environmental, and cultural factors that have an impact on the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. As part of the health care team, we provide assessment and appropriate interventions to aid the patient in achieving optimum recovery/rehabilitation and quality of life by:

1. Assisting ill or disabled patients to maintain, regain, or attain a mode of living that is satisfactory to them and helps them to make a socially positive contribution to their communities.

2. Ensuring the availability of and the accessibility to efficient and appropriate social work services in all wards of the hospitals, and other service areas.

3. Establishing effective and consistent relationships with NGO, donor agencies and individual philanthropist for support to the indigent patient.

Encompasses two major sub-groupings:

1. Direct patient services which include clinical social work and health-related social services, which are offered to individuals, groups, families, and communities. These services include inpatient and outpatient treatment as well as field contacts and follow-up.

2. Indirect patient services include documentation activities, patient/ staff case conferences and referrals to and placements in other agencies as well as consultation with other agencies.

For more details on the scope of work see UPTH Service Charter.
For Protocol of service; see UPTH Service Charter.

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