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Our driving objective at UPTH is to become a world class quartenary hospital, using cutting edge technology and highly developed human resources to render excellent medical care/services to the good people of Rivers State and beyond in-order to markedly reduce the number of patients seeking medical tourism abroad.

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The Department of Internal Medicine is one of the major clinical services and training departments in the hospital. It is generally acknowledged for the quality of service and training it renders.

The Department gained its first full accreditation in 1987 for the training of resident doctors; between 1987 and 2017 the department has trained a lot of house officers, and resident doctors.

The postgraduate programmes are accredited by the West African College of Physicians and National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. The success of the accreditation exercise is a prerequisite in achieving the global mission and vision of the department in developing subspecialty Internal Medicine practice to globally comparable standards, thus putting the hospital on the global map as a regional and national centre for excellence.

Residency Training In The Department
A number of resident doctors have been admitted into the residency-training programme out of which, many have successfully completed the programme and have either joined the department or appointed consultant in other teaching hospitals in Nigeria. A few are overseas.

The residents are categorized based on the number of years as residents and the stage at which they are at any particular point in time.

The junior residents are divided into first year, second and third year residents. It is assumed that by the end of the third year the residents would have passed the part I examinations or exhausted his/her chances at the examinations conducted by the West African College of Physicians as well as the National Postgraduate College of Nigeria.

Junior Residency
Junior Residents upon admission into the programme compulsorily rotate through the major sub-specialties every 3-months before attempting the Part 1 Fellowship Examination. During this period they also undertake periods of attachments to laboratory medicine sub-specialties.
Senior Residency
The successful Part 1 Fellowship Examinations residents are allowed to settle down in their chosen sub-specialties area for one calendar year. In the second year of Senior Residency they undertake sub-specialty attachments in centers that have accreditation for sub-specialty training. For instance for National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria senior registrars for cardiology may go to UNTH, Gastroenterology go to OAUTH, Ile-Ife etc. During the senior residency years, residents are also encouraged to attend courses in research methodology, management and revision courses. At the moment there are a total number of 22 Senior Registrars in the department.

There are nine clinical units each headed by one or more consultants under whom are senior registrars, registrars and house officers.

The residency training programme is co-ordinated by the Head of Department. The Head of Department (One of the Consultant staff) is the Chief executive of the department. He/She administers the department with the assistance of his/her consultant colleagues, the administrative staff, and senior nursing members as well as senior residents.

Other activities of the department are articulated via standing functional committees such as programmes and research committee, HIV/AIDS committee, disciplinary, welfare committee andrevolving fund committee.

Department of Medicine Schedule For Residents’ Training
The weekly departmental clinical/ academic activities which are compulsory for all residents are as follows:

Mondays 8am – 9am
2pm – 3pm Post Call Review

Radiology Review meeting
Departmental seminar room
Tuesdays 2pm-3pm Journal club review

Bed Side long cases presentation Seminar room

Wednesdays 2pm-3pm Post Call Review
Post-graduate seminar Departmental seminar room
Thursdays 8am-9am Mortality Review Seminar Room
Friday 1.30pm–3pm Clinical and Grand Round Departmental seminar room
Every Quarter 1pm – 4pm Quarterly Lectures or Part II Project presentation/Evaluation Departmental seminar room
These activities are compulsory for all resident doctors in the department.

Clinical meeting takes place every Friday and it is compulsory for all doctors in the department irrespective of status. This Friday meetings takes the form of either a clinic case presentation or a state of the art exposition by a consultant staff in his/her area of interest. Once in every month a pharmaceutical company organizes a product launch relevant to the practice of internal medicine after the usual clinical meeting.

The resident is the driving force behind the training programme, under the guidance of the post-graduate co-ordinator. The resident is the presenter at various clinical activities and the audience is for the clinical meeting, the whole department, and afternoon bedside case presentation on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All residents and designated consultants staff form audience.

Mandatory subspecialty rotations
• Cardiology I & II
• Dermatology/Rheumatology
• Endocrinology
• Geriatric medicine
• Gastroenterology
• Neurology
• Nephrology
• Respiratory medicine/Infectious Disease

Other rotations
• Psychiatry
• Laboratory Medicine
• Radiology
• Ophthalmology


An average bed occupancy rate varies from 46 to 100 percent depending on disruption of services by industrial actions. The department has a total bed facility of one hundred and five (105) with an average annual turnover of over 1000 in-patients and over ten thousand (10,000) out-patients suffering from a variety of medical disorders.

In-Patient Service
1) Total number of Beds – 105
Male ward – 52 beds
Female ward – 48 beds
Private ward – 5 beds
Dialysis ward – 5 beds

2) Bed Occupancy rate – 46-100%

3) Average Monthly in-patient turnover- 95 patients

Out Patient Clinics

The average weekly attendance to the clinics are more than 400 patients

Number Of Specialty Clinics
Number of General Physician Outpatient clinic per week: Monday – Friday
Number of subspecialty clinics per week – 11



Name Designation Fellowship Qualification
Professor S. Chinenye Professor (Head of unit) FWACP,FACE
Professor C. N. Unachukwu Professor (Hon. Consultant) FWACP,FACE


Name Designation Fellowship Qualification
Professor O. J. Odia Professor (Head of unit) FWACP, FMCP
Dr. M. R. Akpa Hon. Consultant FWACP
Dr. S. Dodiyi-Manuel Hon. Consultant FWACP
Dr. Ofori Sandra Hon. Consultant FWACP


Name Designation Fellowship Qualification
Professor A. E. Ihekwaba Professor (Head of unit) FMCP
Dr. I. S. Wokoma Hon. Consultant FWACP


Name Designation Fellowship Qualification
Professor F. S. Wokoma Professor (Head of unit) FWACP
Dr. P.C. Emem-Chioma Hon. Consultant FMCP
Dr. R. I. Oko-Jaja Hon. Consultant FWACP


Name Designation Fellowship Qualification
Professor A. C. Onwuchekwa Professor (Head of unit) FMCP
Dr. A. M. Iyagba Hon. Consultant FWACP, FMCP


Name Designation Fellowship Qualification
Dr. C. Eze Nwafor Hon. Consultant(Head of unit) FWACP
Dr. C. A. Alikor Hon. Consultant FWACP, FCNP
Dr. N. N. Unamba Hospital Consultant FWACP, FMCP

Name Designation Fellowship Qualification
Dr. D. D. Alasia Hon. Consultant(Head of unit) FWACP
Dr. E. Obazee Hospital consultant FWACP


Name Designation Fellowship Qualification
Dr. D. D. Altraide Hon. Consultant(Head of unit) FWACP
Dr. B. Otike-Odibi Hon. Consultant FMCP


Name Designation Fellowship Qualification
Dr. H. I. Bell-Gam Hon. Consultant(Head of unit) FWACP
Dr. K. Akhidue Hospital Consultant FWACP

1 Dr. R. Stanley Senior Registrar
2 Dr. Uchenna Okeke Senior Registrar
3 Dr. J. Edeogu Senior Registrar
4 Dr. M. H. David-West Senior Registrar
5 Dr. P. E. Fakrogha Senior Registrar
6 Dr. V. O. Ndu Senior Registrar
7 Dr. C. Pat-Iwuanyanwu Senior Registrar
8 Dr. Egboh Stella Maris Senior Registrar
9 Dr. Edafe Emmanuel A. Senior Registrar
10 Dr. Onuwaje Philomina Senior Registrar
11 Dr. Ugwu Adaeze Sylvia Senior Registrar
12 Dr. Ordu Collins Senior Registrar
13 Dr. Sagay Alero I. Senior Registrar
14 Dr. Ajala Aisha O. Senior Registrar
15 Dr. Ezeifeh T. V. Senior Registrar
16 Dr. Anthony-Nwojo N. G. Senior Registrar
17 Dr. Osemwegie N. Senior Registrar
18 Dr. Madubuonu E. Senior Registrar
19 Dr. Okoebor F. Senior Registrar
20 Dr. Eleki B. Senior Registrar Supernumerary
21 Dr. Onyia Senior Registrar Supernumerary
22 Dr. Tralagba Uchechi Senior Registrar
23 Dr. Usigbe Feyisayo Registrar
24 Dr. Kejeh Kwerinuchi Registrar
25 Dr. Chukuibi R. V. Registrar Supernumerary
26 Dr. Nwafor C. G. Registrar
27 Dr. Erijo K. N. Registrar
28 Dr. Asikimabo-Ofori D. Registrar Supernumerary
29 Dr. Nonju Tamunobarabiye Registrar Supernumerary
30 Dr. Alex-Ojei Sandra Registrar
31 Dr. Onyeaghala Chizaram Registrar
32 Dr. Chituru Weje Registrar
33 Dr. Anyamele Ibuchim Registrar
34 Dr. Igbosi Ebitei Registrar
35 Dr. Evbuomwan Eronmwon Registrar
36 Dr. Edu Chimika Registrar
37 Dr. Okachi Elageche Registrar Supernumerary
38 Dr. Orji M. Registrar
39 Dr. Amadi Azukoye Registrar Supernumerary
40 Dr. Amadi Imam Registrar Supernumerary
41 Dr. Ujile Ichechiek Registrar
42 Dr. Hart Ibifiri Registrar
43 Dr. Ogan J. J. Registrar
44 Dr. Ejituwu J. U. Registrar
45 Dr. Nyeche O. Registrar Supernumerary
46 Dr. Ochuba Onyinye Registrar
47 Dr. Webilor C. Bridget Registrar
48 Dr. Amadi Prince O. Registrar
49 Dr. Amadi Robert Ekele- Registrar
50 Dr. Abam Chiamaka A. Registrar
51 Dr. Dairo O. F. Registrar
52 Dr. Ekeh Joy Chineme Registrar
53 Dr. Tamunobelem T. Registrar
54 Dr. Ukeje Godwin C. Registrar
55 Dr. Belinda C. Registrar
56 Dr. Chika C. C. Registrar Supernumerary
57 Dr. Anikpo Eberechukwu Registrar

1 Okogbule Boma K.
2 Dan-Jumbo E. Idayingi
Nursing Services
A total of 60 Nurses are posted to the department from Nursing administration to cover the wards and clinics.
Administrative Support Services
The Administrative Department post a minimum number of 4 member of administrative personnel for support services



For more details on the scope of work see

UPTH Service Charter.
For Protocol of service; see UPTH Service Charter.

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