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Our driving objective at UPTH is to become a world class quartenary hospital, using cutting edge technology and highly developed human resources to render excellent medical care/services to the good people of Rivers State and beyond in-order to markedly reduce the number of patients seeking medical tourism abroad.

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Treatment of prostate cancer:* Urology conducts collaborative workshop on radical prostatectomy.

 Treatment of prostate cancer:* Urology conducts collaborative workshop on radical prostatectomy.

The Urology division of surgery department, University Of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital held a surgical workshop on Radical Prostatectomy to improve the capacity of Urologists, to manage patients with early organ confined prostate cancer.

This surgical workshop had all doctors in the unit including the Head of Department, Dr John Raphael in collaboration with Professor Omisanjo Funmi of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital participate in the workshop, performing the surgical procedures.

The radical prostatectomy surgery was conducted on a 64 year old man and was successful with recovery in record time

The urology clinic has most of her patients for prostate Cancer treatment intervention (surgery). With a good number of consultants and residents the unit successes are recorded in the management prostate cancer

Radical prostatectomy surgery is reported to be the most common surgical approach used by Urologists, it is the best and affordable surgery, considering the economic strength of majority of patients who come to access public hospital like ours. It demands specialisation because of the processes involved in surgical procedures.

The benefits of radical prostatectomy is in early diagnosis of prostate cancer. At the early stage,when it has not spread to the other parts of the body, the prostate gland and other tissues around it can be removed, which will prevent the cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.

The usual protocol that follows surgical interventions includes doctor counseling patient on possible outcome of the surgery and to seek patient’s consent before embarking on the surgery; Patients are also medically screened and prepared for the surgery.

Prostate Cancer is one of the leading cause of death in men, Though the specific cause of prostate cancer is unknown,it is largely attributed to conditions that comes with aging in older men. Doctors advise that men especially black men from 40years and above should go for a prostate cancer screening, also those that have a family history of Prostate cancer to routinely do a prostate cancer screening to be able to detect the cancer at the early stage.

Urologists in the hospital are doing their possible best, to make sure that the patients with prostate cancer can be managed at the early stage, with surgeries and good treatment, patients can survive and live longer, which can reduce the rate of patients that die from Prostate Cancer

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