Transport or transportation as the name implies is the movement of humans and product from one point to another. Transportation is a very important process in our daily activities because it enables trade between people to be easy. As a health institution, it enables our highly esteemed (patients) clients and staff to come together to trade freely and easily on health issues.


The transport unit of the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital is saddled with the transportation of staff, patients with the use of ambulance, clinical materials/ equipment and other related transports matters. The major function of the unit cut across the entire hospital community by providing transportation aids to the management of the hospital, officials visiting the hospital from all works of life and internal and external emergency cases in relation to transport issues when called upon.


The unit is made up of twenty manpower strength at the time of filing this report, including the transport officer. The unit at the moment is endowed with experienced and matured drivers that are well trained and cultured. This approach over the years has earned our derivers non-accident bonus for safeguarding, managing and maintaining government-owned properties.


The transport unit has been part and parcel of this establishment since inception. The unit has contributed immensely towards the upgrade of this health facility to more than eight (800) hundred bed space over the years.

The transport unit also played a very significant role in the movement of the hospital from its temporary site in town to its present permanent site here in Choba, Port Harcourt. The transport unit of the hospital is the custodian of all hospital vehicles saddled with the maintenance of these vehicles.

The transport unit has two (2) major functional sections – The Ambulance section and the Pool section. Both have a variety of functions that assist management towards rendering qualitative health care delivery services to our esteemed (patients) clients.


The unit as earlier stated operates and function like every other departments/unit in rendering good and qualitative health care delivery services to our numerous clients. We also at a large extent rendered welfare support services to both staff, patients and our host communities in matters/issues related to transport when called upon.



Transport Officer (UPTH).