The Department of Medical Records ushered in a new era , January 26, 2024, with the appointment of Miss Unyime Emmanuel Uko as the Head of Department. With a robust background in various facets of medical records management which include a B.Sc in Health Information Management, Masters in Public health and Ph.D/DRPH -Doctor of Public health (in view) . Working closely with previous Heads of department and a vision for transformative change, Miss Uko embarks on a journey to propel the department to new heights of excellence.

Challenges abound in the landscape of healthcare administration, and the Department of Medical Records is no exception. From entrenched attitudes among staff to discrepancies in office procedures and the daunting task of adapting to change, Miss Uko faces a multifaceted array of obstacles. However, her proactive approach and unwavering commitment to progress will pave way for positive transformation.

To combat the challenges head-on, Miss Uko has initiated a series of innovative strategies. Mobilizing personnel to conduct regular observations across units, she aims to identify and rectify discrepancies while ensuring adherence to stringent standards of practice. Moreover, the introduction of on-the-job training programs and periodic progress meetings represents a paradigm shift in departmental operations. These initiatives, will foster a culture of accountability and empower staff members to excel in their roles.

Despite assuming the role of Head of Department less than a month ago, Miss Uko is already spearheading efforts to implement transformative changes. Central to her vision is the adoption of the new Smart Clinic -electronic system introduced by the hospital management. Recognizing the potential of this technology to streamline operations and alleviate health concerns associated with manual record-keeping, Miss Uko envisions a future where the department operates with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

The introduction of the Smart Clinic system holds the promise of revolutionizing the department’s workflow, reducing reliance on manual processes, and mitigating health risks associated with traditional record-keeping methods. With improved air quality and streamlined operations, staff members can focus their energies on delivering exceptional service and fulfilling the department’s mandate with renewed vigor.

Miss Onyeme Emmanuel Uko’s leadership heralds a new era of innovation and excellence in the Department of Medical Records. She believes proactive measures, innovative strategies, and a commitment to leveraging on technology, will help to navigate through challenges that comes with the job . As the department embarks on this transformative journey, the future shines bright with possibilities, poised to redefine standards of excellence in healthcare administration.

Report by: Oyin Okpalo