Works & Services

This department was established to implement a procedure for systematic maintenance of equipment & infrastructure so as to ensure effective provision of services in the hospital. It covers all the equipment essential for the provision of clinical services, water supply, power generation, and infrastructure.

Units under Works & Services include;

Bio-Engineering Unit
Water Treatment/Generator

Functions of the Department

Works & Services Department applies engineering, technical and managerial expertise to provide safe, effective, and economical facilities and equipment as needed by the university hospital for patient care, teaching, research, and community service.

Job requests are usually raised from the reporting department and sent to the works department to effect repairs.

As an example; The Biomedical equipment technicians/engineers are involved in repairs/maintenance and calibrations of medical equipment. More so, of teaching assistants on basic equipment user training, as well as the end users. End users range from nurses, doctors, lab scientists etc. The unit also undertake routine planned preventive maintenance on medical equipment.

For more details on the scope of work see UPTH Service Charter.
For Protocol of service; see UPTH Service Charter.