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UPTH Immunization clinic begins free HPV vaccination

 UPTH Immunization clinic begins free HPV vaccination

University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, immunization clinic , department of community medicine in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) through her primary health program is offering free HPV (Human Papilloma virus ) vaccination.

Girls within the ages of 9-14years are to benefit from the first dose vaccination currently launched by the FMOH which began in UPTH on the 27th through the 31st of May 2024.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to bring their children and wards for the vaccination which prevents the human papilloma virus transmission that causes cervical cancer infection, the second most common leading cause of cancer deaths in women.

Health professionals advocates for early protection which works best. HPV vaccine is recommended earlier rather than later as it protects the girl child long before they ever have contact with the virus, that is sexually transmitted. This was the message as the from the department took a sensitization tour round the hospital community.

The HPV vaccine is safe and effective as years of medical study and research has proven.

Although the vaccine is currently provided free for girls of 9-14 years, ladies above that age bracket can still come to the clinic at a cost that is affordable.

Access to the vaccine, is to report at the UPTH Immunization clinic and the team of health care professionals in our facility will follow through the administration of the vaccine

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