Obstetrics & Gynaecology

The department offers gynaecological, obstetric and labour (delivery) services. The latter services are provided in a fully functional labour ward/theatre suites and optimal neonatal resuscitation facilities including a well-equipped Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), manned by the Paediatric department. The department is usually the first port of call for obstetric clients. Most clients with gynaecological conditions are, however, mostly referred from Family Medicine, NHIS and other departments. Scope: Secondary and tertiary obstetric and gynaecological services.

 The department runs the following clinics;

  • Antenatal
  • Postnatal
  • Family Planning
  • General Gynaecology
  • Gynae-oncology
  • Assisted reproductive technology (ART) clinics.

It has six wards; antenatal, postnatal, unbooked-lying-in, gynaecology, labour, and un-booked labour wards. It runs three theatre suites; one gynaecology theatre in the main theatre complex and two obstetric theatres in the labour ward complex. There are procedure rooms, side laboratory, and a mannequin room. 

The department operates the firm system run by specialist Consultants.

A Brief History:

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology was established in 1979. Emeritus Prof. N.D Briggs was the first Head of the department. He was joined by Prof. C.T. John in 1981 and Emeritus Prof. K.A. Harrison in 1982. The department has had 10 previous Heads of Department and the current Head of Department is Prof. Rosemary Ogu. Presently, there are 30 consultants, 30 senior registrars and 22 registrars in the department. Nurses, Midwives, Pharmacist, ward maids, House-officers and administrative staffs are routinely posted to the department. The current bed capacity in the department stands at 169 and this constitutes19.2% of the total hospital bed capacity.  The department was the first department in the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital to be accredited for residency training in 1985. The departmental board meeting holds every first Monday of the month.

The functions of the department include:

  • The training of 5th year (Part 3 MBBS) medical students
  • Training of specialist doctors in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Service delivery for Obstetrics and Gynaecological patients in the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital
  • Researches into women’s health
  • Health education and advocacy on maternal and reproductive health
  • Administrative functions

The consultants are divided into five firms/teams, each headed by the most senior consultants as shown below.


Team A Fetomaternal Team B Assisted Reproduction/ Infertility Team C Fetomaternal/ Infectious disease Team D Fertility regulation/ Reproductive health Team E Gynaeoncology/ Urogynaecology
Prof. S.A. Uzoigwe Prof. J.I. Ikimalo Prof. C.I. Akani Prof. A.O. Okpani Dr. N.M. Inimgba
Dr. N.C. Orazulike Dr. P.O. Fiebai Prof. H.A.A. Ugboma Prof. C.E. Enyindah Dr. K.T. Nyengidiki
Dr. D.S. Abam Dr. V.K. Oriji Dr. R.N. Ogu Dr. J.D. Ojule Dr. G. Bassey
Dr. T. Kasso Dr. K.I. Green Dr. O.C. John Dr. E.O. Oranu Dr. J.O. Alegbeleye
  Dr. S. Nyeche Dr. M.  Abbey Dr. V. Oputa  

For more details on the scope of work see UPTH Service Charter.
For Protocol of service; see UPTH Service Charter.