Nursing Department

The Nursing Department has been in existence since the hospital originally commenced its operations in 1980. It is the largest department in the hospital. It is made up of four (4) units namely: the Clinical Area, In-Service Education Unit, Nursing Audit Unit and Community-Health Units.

The scope of the Nursing department encompasses all clinics and the various wards in the hospital. Each of these units performs their peculiar functions. The Nursing department is headed by a Director of Nursing Services and consists of various cadres of Nurses. These cadres of Nurses according to their order of seniority consist of the Assistant Director of Nursing (A.D.N), Chief Nursing Officer (C.N.O), Assistant Chief Nursing Officer (A.C.N.O), Senior Nursing Officer 1(NO1) and Nursing Officer 11(NO11). The main function of the Nursing department is to ensure that all the wards/clinics are duly staffed with Nurses according to their area of specialties, ensure that nursing procedures are carried out at as when due, liaise with management and other departments of the hospital and ensure that staff improve educationally in order to improve their skills and capabilities.

The Clinical support staff are directly under the Nursing Department. They assist with varied duties depending on the unit/wards in which they are posted to work. Generally, the duties of the health support staff centres around keeping the hospital environment clean and tidy.

Dr. (Mrs.) P.G.N.Harry
Head of Department.

For more details on the scope of work see UPTH Service Charter.
For Protocol of service; see UPTH Service Charter.