Media & Publicity Unit

A Brief History

The Media/Publicity unit as it was then known was established during the tenure of Chief (Dr.) Rogers O. LongJohn as Chief Medical Director (1985-1994) with Mr. Paul Jaja appointed as the first Public Relations Officer.

After Dr. Long-John had completed his tenure in 1994 and subsequently replaced by Dr. Eric D.O Mangete (1994-2001), a new helmsman was appointed to head the Media/Publicity unit in the person of Mr. Emmanuel Ihunwo and all through the Dr. Mangete administration, Mr. Ihunwo functioned in that capacity until a new Chief Medical Director came on board in the person of Dr. Uriah S. Etawo. Under his tenure, the unit underwent a major restructuring with the splitting into two subunits, Media and Protocol respectively and two person’s appointed to superintend them, Mr. Goodhead Opusunju and Mr. Georgewill Orji.

In 2009, Prof. Aaron C. Ojule replaced Dr. Etawo as Chief Medical Director and this was followed with new appointments as Mrs. Boma Tom-manuel took charge of Protocol duties while Mr. Akie Hart presided over Media functions respectively.   

In the second tenure of Prof. Ojule’s administration (2013-2017), the two submits of Protocol, Media was again merged, and a new Public Relations Officer appointed in December 2015, in the person of Mr. Kem Daniel-Elebiga to oversee staffs, functions and service delivery.

Staff Strength
The Media & Publicity Unit has a total of 8 professionals. They are listed below:

  • Kem Daniel-Elebiga (Head of Unit)
  • Meni Elabha
  • Ucharia Patrick
  • Alswell Elebiga
  • Nengi Michael-Banigo
  • Margaret Pepple
  • Owanate Olisa
  • Pakafuro Carl-Orakwe

The expertise of the professionals in the Media & Publicity Unit range from:
Public Relations, Broadcast Media, Journalism, and Social Media.


The following areas make up the duties of the Media & Publicity Unit:

  • Internal Communications
  • External Communications
  • Coordinating Media Events
  • Protocol Duties for VIPs
  • Production of in-house journal
  • Generating content for the UPTH website.

Head of Unit