Dietetics Department

The practice of Dietetics is an arm of medicine that deals with human nutrition and the regulation of diet to meet the needs of individual or target groups whether in disease or health condition.

The Department of Dietetics UPTH gives a detailed treatment of patients, using a therapeutic diet. The target group that falls under our treatment includes Children, adolescents, pregnant, adults and the elderly. We treat patients from all the clinics in the hospital namely: Paediatrics, antenatal, Oncology, Dental, Endocrinology, cardiology, urology, burns, accident/Emergency, lifestyle clinic, staff clinic, care of the elderly clinic (CEPU) neurosurgery etc.

Our Core Value

  • Meal planning
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Nutrition information
  • Research

Dietetics Department

The department is made up of Dietitians and supporting staff/ Diet Cooks. The department presently has four (4) Dietitians/Nutritionist who are professionals and are equipped with;

  • The knowledge and skills to perform nutritional assessment and diagnosis.
  • Prescribe medical nutrition therapy.
  • Monitor, evaluate and document the nutrition care of individual or groups that require dietary intervention and rehabilitation.
  • Provides dietary counseling and nutrition education.


The department is located on the ground floor of the Dietetics/Kitchen building, just below the hospital conference hall.

Units in the department

  • Administrative unit
  • Clinical unit
  • Processing/ production unit
  • Sales/Diet Shop
  • Kitchen
  • Research/Training

Administrative: – This is manned by the Head of Dietetics Department

Clinical:- This involves ward rounds, outpatient dietary services, nutrition education and planning of therapeutic diet.

Processing/production unit: This unit is charged with the production of foods using the right processing methods to enhance its nutritional quality.

Some items produced include:

  • Soybean flour, Multimix
  • Fresh juices, wheat bread, pastries, vegetable burger etc.

Sales/Diet Shop:- Product produced are displayed here for patients/clients to buy to meet their health needs.

Kitchen:– This area of the department where therapeutic are planned, prepared and portioned for patients.

Research:– This unit is charged with the responsibility of training staff, interns and students on current best practices of the Dietetics profession. This is in line with the UPTH vision.

Who benefits from our services?

  • In-patient from all the wards
  • Out-patients from all clinics
  • Staff
  • General public

Future prospects

  • Inpatient feeding
  • Accreditation for Dietetics internship program
  • More dietetics for all the clinics
  • More diet shops outlets

Staff Strength:

The Department has 4 Dieticians, 6 Catering Officers, and 3 Senior Cooks.

Head of Department

For more details on the scope of work see UPTH Service Charter.
For Protocol of service; see UPTH Service Charter.