Central Sterilizing Services Department

The Central Sterile Supply Department (C.S.S.D) is a subset in the Nursing department whose sole function is to ensure that instruments, materials used on patients are free of pathogens and are safe for patient’s care by health workers in the operating theatre, surgical, maternity and other wards of the hospital for quality patient care and for control/elimination of infection during aseptic procedures.

The C.S.S.D has been in existence since 1982 and is currently located behind the Laundry department and before the Central Store (procurement department) of the hospital. Its staff strength consists of two chief Nursing officers, ten autoclave operators, and three health assistants. The autoclave operators run shift duties; hence the C.S.S.D is covered twenty-four hours.

The function of the C.S.S.D is collecting of used/unsterile packs from the various wards, decontamination of unsterile instruments, assembling of instruments, packing of packs, sterilization of packs, issuing of sterile packs to various wards/theatre according to need and storing of sterile packs that are not of immediate need in the ward.