Anaesthesia Department

Anesthetists at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) offer outstanding anaesthetic care for their patients. Anaesthestists care for an average of 3,000 patients each year.

About 56 Physician Anaesthetists (both Consultants and Residents) practice at the institution.

The Department offers the following:

  1. Anaesthetic services to patients at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital.
  2. Train residents and graduate competent, highly proficient, knowledgeable anaesthetists capable of functioning independently through suitable post-graduate courses such as:
    • One year Diploma in Anaesthesia (DA) programme of the West African College of Surgeons.
    • Fellowship programme of the National Postgraduate Medical Colleges (NPMCN) and             West African College of Surgeons (WACS).
    • Training of Anaesthetic Technicians.

3. Provide undergraduate medical students with basic knowledge and skills in the field of anaesthesia, necessary to enable them to become good doctors.

4. Teach general principles of Anaesthesia and basic life support to student nurses midwifery students, post basic nursing students, as well as doctors on rotation from other departments and hospitals.

5. Carry out research in anaesthesia and related fields aimed at promoting knowledge.

A Brief History:

The University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital began as a Cottage Hospital in 1980 at Emuoha, 25 kilometers from the City of Port Harcourt.  It then moved to the former General Hospital, Port Harcourt on 1st September 1983. The final relocation to the permanent site took place in September 2006 after 23 years in the heart of the City.

Since its establishment, the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital has been fulfilling its obligations with respect to broad-based specialist care of patients and the training of Medical and Paramedical Personnel. The Hospital has been taking advantage of its position as the last referral centre in the State and its environs, with physical facilities and highly skilled manpower to run a formal residency-training programme in the various Departments

Anaesthetic services rendered cover surgical specialties such as general surgery, paediatric surgery, orthopaedics/spinal, obstetrics and gynaecology, neurosurgery, urology, cardiothoracic, plastic and laparoscopic surgery.


Residents in the Department are taught both formally and informally during clinical meetings/seminars, journal/morning reviews, and during theatre sessions. They are frequently encouraged to conduct discussions through focused group discussions, personal communications, and taught by more experienced hands. The teaching of medical students, anaesthetic technicians, nursing students, etc. is carried out by senior residents and Consultants. A formal assessment of residents is performed from time to time. There is a Departmental Disciplinary Committee to which cases of insubordination and indiscipline are referred for fair hearing and necessary disciplinary action.

The Department also conducts an 18-month training programme for Anaesthetic Technicians.


The Department offices are located within the hospital and the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, University of Port Harcourt. The offices include:

  1. Eight offices for Consultants
  2. Head of Department’s Office and Secretary’s Office
  3. Reading Room
  4. Seminar/Demonstration Room
  5. Resuscitation skills Laboratory
  6. Stores
  7. Conveniences

The Consultants have personalized Internet facilities while the Reading Room has an outlet for internet service.

The Seminar/Demonstration Room has a capacity for 50 people being the venue for journal club meetings, clinical meetings, demonstration, and early morning reviews.

The Departmental Reading Room has the capacity to accommodate 30 residents. It is stocked with textbooks (Old and New), Current and Old Anaesthesia and other Medical Journals. Residents are greatly encouraged to utilize these resources as well as subscribe to e-learning facilities.

The Departmental Laboratory is merged with the Intensive Care Side Laboratory and located in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The equipment in the laboratory includes:

  1. Arterial Blood Gas Analyser
  2. Haematocrit Centrifuge

Staff strength:

The department has a total of 11 Anaesthetists, which is comprised of 2 renowned Professors, 2 Senior Lecturers, 6 professionals of Lecturer I rank, and a Lecturer II rank anaesthetist. The areas of specialization of these professionals range through; Intensive and Palliative Care, Obstetric Anaesthesia & Pain Management, Regional Anaesthesia, Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia, Neuro Anaesthesia, Paediatric Anaesthesia, Anaesthesiology (Regional and Obstetrics), and Anaesthesiology (Obstetrics).


The Department of Anaesthesiology wishes to establish up to date anaesthetic service to all categories of patients, provide ideal labour Epidural Services, Pain Clinics, and intensive care. Our target is to position both the Teaching Hospital into a centre of excellence equipped for management of specialized anaesthesia and improved patient outcomes.

For Protocol of service; see UPTH Service Charter.