UPTH Receives 100kv Oxygen Plant Generator

The University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital on Tuesday 29th of September 2020 received a 100kv Oxygen Plant Generator from Shelf Drilling Nigeria Limited. This donation was made possible as a result of the goodwill of the Chairperson of UPTH Oxygen Plant Committee, Prof. Ngozi O. who approached the company to solicit support for the hospital’s oxygen plant. And most graciously her plea was granted.

Dr. Iroro Yarhere–a Consultant Pediatrician–who doubles as Secretary of the UPTH Oxygen Plant Committee, shed light on the importance of this donation to the hospital. During the interactive session with UPTJH Media and Publicity Unit, he stated the donation satisfied a long quest for better oxygenation-a crucial part of quality healthcare service. In his own words, the elated Dr. Yarhere said “I am sure you have heard they say oxygen is life. In this COVID 19 era you know how much people cherish their lungs and oxygenation for their living because if you don’t have oxygen your metabolism shuts down. So this generating set coming to us is very important in the sense that it helps in the production of oxygen, about 95-100% pure oxygen inside our cylinders. This is enough to sustain lives until the person’s physiological system can come to fruition and then kick off its own oxygenation.”
He continued, “this oxygen plant generating set coming now gives us enough oxygen. There will be no time we’ll lack oxygen for our sick patients and we’ll even get to a point of commercialization at reduced prices to all the hospitals and patients that need oxygen within Rivers State.”

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