Staff of the Department of Administration have been called upon to cultivate good work ethnics in the conduct of their official duties and related matters. Acting Director of Administration Akie Hart made the appeal during on a routine meeting with all personnel working in the Department of Administration from across the hospital.
A cross-section of UPTH staff
Mr. Hart urged Admin Personnel to embrace the virtues of Love, unity and dignity, and make them their guiding principles, assuring that hard work and honesty will receive due reward. He promised to ensure that every staff enjoys the Freedom of Expression and Association, warning that divisive tendencies will not be tolerated; just as the present administration’s zero tolerance for corruption will be sustained.
Acting Director of Administration, Mr. Akie Hart.
The interactive session received applause from all present, as the forum created an opportunity for them to express their feelings, make useful suggestions as well as facilitate a stronger level of bonding that will bring about cohesion amongst Admin Staff. A draft communiqué covering a range of issues agreed upon during the forum was subsequently submitted to all staff after being sent to the CMD. This is the first time an initiative of this nature is being embarked upon in the Department of Administration.
Acting DA & some senior personnel

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